Information for participants

VII International Research Conference "ICSIR- 2021"

Dear colleagues! 

We invite you to take part in VII International Research Conference "Information Technologies, Computer science, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics and Innovations in Social, Medical, Economic, Technical and Interdisciplinary Research - 2021" , which will be held in Novorossiysk 23 to 24 of October 2021. 

The aim of the conference is providing a platform for sharing the experience between scientists and experts, discussing the issues of research organization and implementation of innovations in the field of information technology in modern interdisciplinary research, economics, management, education and human sciences. 

In the framework of the International conference, discussions will be organized in the following areas: information systems and technology and innovations in education, economics, state and municipal management, sociology and philosophy, pedagogy and linguistics, jurisprudence and law, political science, history and cultural studies, psychology, protection and management of intellectual property and law, engineering sciences, human sciences and others.

Important dates

July 14, 2021: Deadline for submission of Conference papers; 

July 11, 2021: Call for abstracts; 

VII International Research Conference "ICSIR- 2021" will be held from October 23, 2021 to October 24, 2021 

Costs associated with travel, accommodation and meals are not included in the registration fee and will be paid by the participants additionally. Organizationally, the Conference will include 12 sections. Each section will deal with applied and fundamental research in the relevant field.

VII International Research Conference "ICSIR- 2021" will be organized in the following sections:

- Information and Communication, Cloud, Technologies, Automation and Technological Innovations in Interdisciplinary Research

- Information and Communication, Cloud, Communication technologies and innovative solutions in economics, finance, management and business

- Information and Communication, Cloud technologies and innovative solutions in jurisprudence and law

- Information and Communication technologies for development of digital economy and informatization in Russia, in countries of EAEU, BRICS and EU

- Information and Communication, Cloud technologies and innovative solutions in management and strategic management

- Information and Communication, Cloud technologies and innovative solutions in education, training and pedagogy

- Information and Communication, Cloud technologies and innovative solutions in sociology, political science, history and philosophy

- Information and Communication, Cloud technologies and innovative solutions in linguistics, psychology and cultural studies

- Information and Communication, Cloud technologies and innovative solutions in design, construction and architecture

- Information and Communication, Cloud technologies and innovative solutions in research in the humanities

- Information and Communication, Cloud technologies and the latest solutions in state and municipal management, innovation and investment management, service and tourism

- Information and Communication, Cloud and innovative solutions in engineering research and technical sciences

We will be happy to consider your original previously not published papers falling within the topics of VII International Research Conference "ICSIR - 2021".

The authors submit their document to the organizers of the conference, who conduct peer review according the Policy on Publishing Integrity.  

Papers and abstracts for publication in the Proceedings Scientific Articles and Conference Proceedings, as well as applications for participation in the Conference are accepted (see attached form) by e-mail:




Only scientific articles matching the topics of the Conference and reflecting the results of the authors’ theoretical and experimental studies can be accepted for publication. It is not allowed to send to Organizing Committee the articles already published or previously sent for publication in other editions. 

The article should be devoted to the solution of a certain task/problem, revealing its essence and giving guidelines for its solution. Articles describing just the current state of affairs are not accepted for publication. 

The article should have: 

- relevance (article topics should be of interest to the scientific community in terms of the current development of science and technology); 

- scientific rigor (the article should consider the scientific aspects of the problem, even if the problem in itself has practical value); 

- novelty (the results presented in the article should have a scientific novelty, scientific reviews can be accepted based on special decision of the Organizing Committee). 

The article should be clearly structured, i.e. should contain sections generally accepted in scientific publications, namely

- relevance, scientific merit of the considered problem with a brief literature review; 

- problem formulation; 

- theoretical part; 

- practical significance, suggestions and possible outcomes of the implementations, the results of experimental studies; 

- conclusion. 

The results presented in the article should be justified based on certain scientific tool or method, or by a mathematical derivation, experimental evidence, mathematical modeling, etc. in order to be able to consider them fairly reliable. Materials containing only a hypothesis or untested proposals will not be accepted.The article should represent a complete cycle of holistic studies, i.e. it must begin with the problem formulation and complete by reliable solution to set problem. Articles containing only ideas concerning problem solving will not be published. Ideas should be brought to the level of law, regularity, dependency, model, method, algorithm, etc. It is necessary to prove the relevance of idea, its relevance and usefulness. 

The results presented in the article should be formulated in the form of scientific statements which clearly define a contribution to science. 

The article should be written in a language understandable to an expert in the relevant field, and should contain generally accepted terminology. 

Scientific articles (presentations) should contain: 

- information about authors (Surname, Initials; place of employment, city, country; and email); 

- abstract from 100 to 250 words; 

- list of key words or phrases not exceeding 7 words; 

- list of references, number of references is recommended to be from 15 to 30;

- the number of authors per one article should not exceed five persons; 

- just one article can be published by one author in the same volume. 

- the size of the article shall not exceed 10-12 full pages.


A conference article or paper should have the following elements:

Metadata – title, keywords, abstract, professional affiliation(s).

Abstract – a brief and objective summary that previews the rest of the paper it describes. It should be succinct yet provide enough information about the paper to facilitate a decision on whether the entire paper could be read with profit.

Introduction – an introductory statement of the purpose of the paper, usually describing the hypothesis that will be tested and a summary of related previous work by others.

Related Work (Literature Review) - what have been done by other researchers in area your paper dedicated to.

Materials and Methods (Research Methodology) – the methods that are used to test the hypothesis should be given in sufficient detail that another researcher in the field could duplicate the testing.

Results and Discussion (and Future Work) – the hypothesis should be tested and data representing the results of the testing presented.

Conclusion – the data should be discussed and the results interpreted, and conclusions given.

Acknowledgements - optional

References - cited references in the bibliography must be included, and written in the English Language


Scientific Secretary of VII International Research Conference "ICSIR - 2021":